Postcard is a new media platform for short travel stories. We partner with travel designers, tour companies, and boutique hotels and invite them to share local stories about a place and it’s people, culture, history, nature and more. Our vision is that story-based travel drives deeper connections with local people, leading to more responsible and sustainable travel.

Connect with like-minded experiential travellers

Finding customers is a challenge for most boutique brands. Advertisements on Google and social media don’t allow brands to specifically target experiential travellers and a brand’s budget is often wasted trying to find the right travellers from the crowd.

Postcard is all about story-based travel. We offer brands a community of travellers that look for travel inspirations through stories and partner with brands that can offer them a unique, personalised experience.

We give brands the opportunity to directly market to this community of like-minded travellers and offer their services to them.

Lead generation

Travellers spend a lot of time on Google and social media trying to find travel brands to partner with for their travel needs. It is not easy, as good, inspirational content is often hidden behind the landing pages of brand websites. At Postcard, we bring these inspirations (through stories) front and centre and make it easy for travellers to discover them and the brands behind the inspirations.

Travellers inspired by the stories narrated by authentic travel boutiques tend to reach out to them for enquiries as it reduces their effort in finding the right partner for their travel needs. This generates leads from like-minded travellers for the travel boutiques

Brand loyalty

Boutique brands who inspire travellers through storytelling build a personal connection of trust, authenticity and personalisation that leads to brand loyalty with travellers. They differentiate themselves as being “inspiration focused” rather than “sales focused”. Once a connection of trust and authenticity is established, sales follow.

Word of mouth marketing

Boutique brands that share local stories and are inspiration focused are more attractive to travellers who often share the stories and recommend the brand to their friends and family.